The development of XJTLU, and the partnerships which underpin it, opens the possibility for a number of exciting collaborations.

Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) offers opportunities for high-tech research and development, consultancy and Knowledge Transfer initiatives, many of which are in synergy with the University of Liverpool’s research strength.

XJTLU has a number of research priorities:

  • Energy futures: social and technological choices
  • Human-computer interaction: design, social networks, telecommunication
  • Finance, risk and hazard management
  • Sustainable urbanisation
  • Health technologies
  • Emerging economies
  • Diagnostic markers, therapeutic targets and drug discovery
  • Languages, communication and culture
  • Nanotechnology and new materials

Research activity and programme development is supported by an active Industrial Advisory Board, bringing together representatives from leading multinational and Chinese companies located on Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP).

XJTLU has recently committed significant investment to supporting the development of the research careers in China of newly-appointed staff, through the funding of start-up research projects and of doctoral students.