Liverpool Advocates

Current University of Liverpool students are central to our outreach work. Our real-life role models act as mentors, tour guides and offer general support to activities within schools and on campus.

You will be working for the Widening Participation and Outreach team, Shaping Futures team and the UK Recruitment team in your role as a Liverpool Advocate.

The Widening Participation and Outreach team works in partnership with schools and colleges to deliver projects and activities in order to widen access to the University. Our focus is to raise awareness of higher education and to support attainment of students, particularly those students who are traditionally less likely to go to university. We provide a programme of activity designed to inform, inspire and enable those students to excel.

'Shaping Futures' represents multiple different institutions from across Merseyside, and is based at the University of Liverpool. We work with students from years 9-13, delivering outreach activities to encourage students to think about Higher Education.

Role of a Liverpool Advocate

Working as a Liverpool Advocate is a chance for current University students to inspire young people by sharing their journeys to higher education and being a positive role model.

The role involves supporting the teams during activities and events, including:

- Leading campus tours
- Providing support on campus visit days during classroom-based sessions
- Delivering talks on campus and in schools
- Tutoring/mentoring young people
- Staffing stands at careers fairs and HE events

Liverpool Advocates are an essential part of this work, acting as positive role models to demystify university by sharing their own experiences and insights. This is a casual role that is created to fit around your studies. The work is demanding, fun and extremely rewarding!

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