Tips and Treats - up your public engagement game!

Wednesday 17 April 2024 | 13:00 - 14:00

Looking for new and unique ways to share your research? Join us for our Wednesday lunchtime public engagement training sessions for staff and students, exploring a range of unique ways of sharing your research with the public - from telling stories to building a Lego city.

Tea, coffee and delicious treats will be provided! If you have any questions, drop the public engagement team a line at

Comics and Communication - Wednesday 17th April, 1-2pm
From Killer Phages to Peculiar Plasmids, Dr James Hall has collaborated with illustrator Edward Ross on a number of science comics. Jamie will be sharing his work and how illustration and comics can be used to bring research to life for a wide range of audiences.

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Event location

Where to attend

  • Life Sciences Building | Crown Street, Liverpool, UK, L69
  • Seminar Room 12 (Masters Room), Top Floor