Applying for student finance

It is best to apply for student finance as soon as possible after you have made your application to the University.

Applying online 

Students can apply for government funding by selecting the relevant website from the list below:

How to apply for grants and loans

As a new full-time student, your application for the Tuition Fee Loan and Maintenance Loan should be made directly to the student finance authorities.

Your application form will allow you to indicate if you wish to apply for additional help, for example, because you are disabled or because you have children/other dependants.

You will need to make a new application for each year of your course.

Part-time students

As a part-time student, you will need to apply for the fee and course grant for each year of your course.

To do this, you will need to complete the application form for part-time student finance (PTG1) and hand it to the Student Administration Centre at the start of your first term.

Once you have attended for two weeks, the Fees Office will complete the rest of the form, confirming:

  • that you are a student at the University of Liverpool
  • how intensive your course is 
  • what the course fees are

The application form will be returned to you for you to send to your Local Authority together with any supporting documents they may require.

Scholarships and bursaries

To find out how to apply for scholarships and bursaries offered by the University of Liverpool, check our Scholarships and Bursaries pages.

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