Prof Ana Alfirevic MD, PhD

Professor Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology


    Research Group Membership
    Research Grants
    • The role of transporters in the uptake of AV-101
    • Systems pharmacology approaches to drug-induced hypersensitivity reactions
    • PREDICTION-ADR: Personalisation of tREatment In Cardiovascular disease through next generation sequencing in Adverse Drug Reactions
    • Genetic markers for carbamazepine-induced hypersensitivty syndrome
    • A pharmacogenomic approach to coumarin anticoagulant therapy (PACT)
    • EURIPIDES - EUropean Research initiative to develop Imaging Probes for early In-vivo Diagnosis and Evaluation of response to therapeutic Substances
    • Pharmacogenetics of Methadone response
    Research Collaborations

    JC Smith

    External: AstraZeneca Pharmceuticals

    1)The role of HSP70 gene cluster polymorphisms in carbamazepine induced hypersensitivity reactions
    2) Genetic polymorphisms and tacrine induced hepatotoxicity