Professor Warwick Dunn BSc, PhD, FHEA, FRSC

Professor of Analytical and Clinical Metabolomics Biochemistry, Cell and Systems Biology


    Selected Publications

    1. Investigation of the 12-Month Stability of Dried Blood and Urine Spots Applying Untargeted UHPLC-MS Metabolomic Assays (Journal article - 2019)
    2. Characterization of Monophasic Solvent-Based Tissue Extractions for the Detection of Polar Metabolites and Lipids Applying Ultrahigh-Performance Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Clinical Metabolic Phenotyping Assays (Journal article - 2021)
    3. AKR1C3-Mediated Adipose Androgen Generation Drives Lipotoxicity in Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (Journal article - 2017)
    4. Dual-5α-Reductase Inhibition Promotes Hepatic Lipid Accumulation in Man (Journal article - 2016)
    5. Metabolic Dysfunction Is Restricted to the Sciatic Nerve in Experimental Diabetic Neuropathy (Journal article - 2016)
    6. A new strategy for MS/MS data acquisition applying multiple data dependent experiments on Orbitrap mass spectrometers in non-targeted metabolomic applications (Journal article - 2015)
    7. Untargeted Metabolic Profiling Identifies Altered Serum Metabolites of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in a Prospective, Nested Case Control Study (Journal article - 2015)
    8. Molecular phenotyping of a UK population: defining the human serum metabolome (Journal article - 2015)
    9. Evidence That Multiple Defects in Lipid Regulation Occur before Hyperglycemia during the Prodrome of Type-2 Diabetes (Journal article - 2014)
    10. Procedures for large-scale metabolic profiling of serum and plasma using gas chromatography and liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (Journal article - 2011)