Photo of Professor Saye Khoo

Professor Saye Khoo MB,BS, MRCP, DTM&H, FRCP, MD, Diploma in Epidemiology

Professor(Clin, Hcc) Pharmacology & Therapeutics


    Personal Statement

    I lead a research programme in Infection Pharmacology. I have a focus on HIV, SARS-CoV-2 and tuberculosis infections, and carry out clinical trials ranging from first-into-human evaluations through to post-registrational studies. For example, I lead the international DolPHIN consortium (carrying out RCTs of dolutegravir and doravirine in pregnant mothers and their infants), and AGILE, which is the UK's early-phase platform for experimental COVID-19 antivirals and part of the UK's pandemic response.

    I also lead the Liverpool Drug Interactions Programmes for HIV, hepatitis and Covid-19 ( This are widely utilised resources, returning over 11 million searches from 220 countries in 2022, supporting national and international treatment guidelines and translated into Spanish and Portuguese. Alongside this large programme are projects evaluating in-silico predictions of drug interactions, treatment optimisation and educational programmes for good prescribing (The Liverpool Course, and the Liverpool Masterclass in Antimicrobial Prescribing).

    I also run the Liverpool Bioanalytical Facility - a GCP accredited laboratory for drug measurement by LC-MS. We undertake highly sensitive measurements in plasma, body fluids, cells and tissues to inform our research into perinatal pharmacology, mucosal drug accumulation for HIV prevention, and trials of agents used for treating COVID-19, HIV, TB and snakebite. Our pharmacokinetic characterisation includes population PK, and PK-PD evaluations.