Dr Lynn Owens PhD

Honorary Research Fellow Pharmacology & Therapeutics


    Personal Statement

    I am a Nurse Consultant. This role has three main elements; a) Clinical practice and education b) Research and c) Strategic development.

    I provide clinical leadership and strategic development for a nurse led alcohol service across primary and secondary care provision in Liverpool. The service provides advice, education and support to nursing and medical staff on alcohol-related issues, and assessment treatment and support for patients with alcohol-related problems

    My academic studies at The University of Liverpool focus on the effects of alcohol treatment and interventions within differing health care contexts.

    I am a member of the National Alcohol Intervention Improvement Programme Board and part of the local delivery team for this programme.

    I was a member of the development group for the recently published National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines - Alcohol use disorders: diagnosis and clinical management of alcohol-related physical complications and the guideline for Alcohol Use Disorders Prevention Programme

    My current interests are in developing the interface between primary and secondary care, and integration of alcohol interventions into the specialities of pancreatic medicine and gastroenterology. This is to enable effective and responsive services for the management of patients with co-morbid conditions attributed to or caused by heavy drinking, and to ensure effective management of alcohol-related problems presenting at general hospital accident and emergency departments.

    Prizes or Honours

    • oral poster presentation (UK Public Health Association , 2008)
    • oral poster presentation (European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, 2001)