Photo of Professor Lu-Gang Yu

Professor Lu-Gang Yu PhD

Professor of Glyco-oncology Biochemistry, Cell and Systems Biology


Personal Statement

Our research is focused on the functional role and molecular actions of cellular glycosylation and carbohydrate-binding proteins (lectins), in particular galectins, in cancer development, progression and metastasis. We also have a strong interest in translational development of galectin-targeted novel therapeutics for cancer treatment. Our research in the latter has led to the formation of a University spinout biotech company, GALYTX, which leads further clinical development of several galectin-targeted novel therapeutic agents identified and developed in our laboratory. Our research has been supported by various national and international funding agencies including MRC, CRUK, BBSRC, Wellcome Trust, Northwest Cancer Research Fund, Royal Society, American Institute for Cancer Research, World Cancer Research Fund, and Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience