Photo of Dr Evelina Basenko

Dr Evelina Basenko BS, MSc, PhD

Research Associate (Scientific Outreach) Biochemistry, Cell and Systems Biology


Personal Statement

After completing my undergraduate studies in Ukraine, I pursued further education in the US. As a PhD student and later on as a postdoctoral research associate, I gained expertise in working with fungal model systems to understand processes important for genome stability. Currently, I am a Scientific Outreach and Education specialist for FungiDB is a free online resource for fungal and oomycete species that is supported via the database framework. In my current role, I work to connect FungiDB with the fungal and oomycete research communities. My responsibilities involve attending conferences, organising workshops, creating tutorials, delivering webinars, contributing to publications and grant applications, assisting in the integration and quality assurance of published omics datasets, responding to user queries, and participating in collaborative projects with the VEuPathDB team.