Photo of Dr Cassio Lima

Dr Cassio Lima BSc, PhD.

Research Associate Biochemistry, Cell and Systems Biology


Personal Statement

I got the Bachelor of Physics at the Federal University of Uberlandia (Brazil) in 2013, where I received the degree with training focused on Optics. Next, I started MSc in Nuclear Technology in the Nuclear and Energy Research Institute (IPEN) at the University of Sao Paulo - USP (Brazil) under supervision of Profa. Denise M. Zezell, where I carried out a research project that aimed to investigate the spectral signatures of precancerous skin lesions using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. In 2019, I earned my PhD in Nuclear Technology at IPEN/USP in collaboration with Prof. Hugh J. Byrne from FOCAS Research Institute (Ireland) in a research project focused on using the biochemical information provided by FTIR hyperspectral images to understand the biochemical events triggered by carcinogenesis during the development of skin cancer. I have also been involved in multiple projects aiming to investigate biological questions using spectroscopic methods (FTIR and Fluorescence spectroscopies) including wound healing, photodynamic therapy as well as the effects of infrared lasers and ionizing radiation in hard tissues (bone and teeth). Currently, I’m a Research Associate in Prof. Roy Goodacre’s group working with stimulated Raman spectroscopy and nano-infrared for the subcellular analysis of eukaryotic cellular systems, as well as for understanding function in microbial communities.