Photo of Dr Alice Maher

Dr Alice Maher PhD, MRes, BSc(Hons), PGDE, QTS

Lecturer School of Life Sciences


Personal Statement

I graduated with a degree in Zoology in 2014 (LJMU) and have since completed a Masters (University of Liverpool), a PGDE teaching qualification (LJMU) and a PhD (University of Liverpool). I was awarded the Liverpool John Lennon memorial scholarship in 2020. Throughout this I have worked in various Zoo and animal based collections as well as research within museum collections. I joined the school of life sciences as a lecturer in 2021 and I am now the Programme director for Anatomy. My research and interests are Zoology and Palaeontology based, with a desire to contribute to our understanding of animal ecology and evolution. In particular, my research focuses on how body shape has had a fundamental impact on organismal function in a wide array of vertebrate species.