Reduce waste and recycle

Recycling conserves our natural resources, saves energy, protects ecosystems and communities, and reduces pollution. The best thing you can do is create less waste wherever possible.

Reduce waste

Reducing the amount of waste you create means there will be fewer items going in to landfills. Here are some tips to help you reduce waste:

  • Avoid disposable coffee cups, plastic bottles, straws and cutlery and use reusable items instead. When you do have to throw something away, it’s important to recycle what you can.
  • Use reusable shopping bags with you to the grocery stores, and try to purchase fruit and vegetables that are free from packaging
  • Choose products with minimal or no packaging, or prodcuts you can refill
  • Go paperless by taking paperless notes on a tablet or laptop and storing your files online. Sign up for paperless billing or banking
  • Buy less. Consuming less is the easiest way to cut down on waste Avoid over-buying, and use everything that you buy
  • Consolidate orders and buying less frequently, or consider ordering for the whole building, school or department so you use less packaging
  • Donate items to charity shops. You can also donate free items online through FreecycleGumtree and local Facebook. Your waste is another person’s treasure, unwanted items from the home can be put onto the Marketplace.
  • Sell your unwanted items through online on selling platforms such as GumtreeDepopVinted and eBay. Not only will you help save the environment, but also the contents of your wallet!

Use reusable items on campus

From reusable coffee cups to bags for life, there are lots of ways to cut down on throw-away packaging and single-use items. Reusable shopping bags for life save 5p per use, reusable coffee cups save 15p per use and reusable water bottles save 50p per use. The University provides free tap water in all the catering outlets and buildings and encourages staff and students to use tap water in preference to bottled water.

Recycling on campus

All University buildings and student halls all have three different bins, which are emptied daily. Be sure you are separating your waste into the right bin: 

  • Blue bins are for paper
  • Red bins are for plastic glass products only
  • Grey bins are for metal 
  • Green bins are for glass only (these should totally clean and completely intact. Any broken glass should go in the small sharps bin).

Recycle batteries: You can also recycle batteries with convenience by using the battery recycling bins on campus, if you’d like one in your department, you can order through BatteryBack. If you’re ever unsure what can or can’t be put in recycling bin, see below or check out this handy online recycling checker.

Use our collection services: The University collects paper, cardboard, fridges, freezers, washing machines and other electrical and electronic components from buildings free of charge and make them ready to be 100% recycled.

Check out our recycling guide: Our Recycling Guide.pdf for information on how to recycle at the University.

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