How to stay sustainable in the digital age

Posted on: 28 February 2024 in Issue 7

This Sustainability Week we’re talking about how to stay sustainable in the digital age.

University of Liverpool’s IT Services is committed to breaking digital barriers and introducing innovative technology to our community. We’ve been working with them to ensure our institution upholds its sustainability commitments around tech asset disposal, reducing environmental impact and contributing to the circular economy.

IT Services has partnered with Restore Technology LTD because of their strong zero to landfill commitment, ensuring our old assets are never just automatically discarded. The preference is that old items are collected, cleared, refurbished and reused for a second life (also known as remarketing) - the most environmentally friendly option available.

If refurbishment isn't possible, devices are carefully disassembled into component parts and repurposed or recycled. No item or element ever leaves the UK.

Since September 2023 we’ve erased and refurbished 56% and recycled 41% of all of assets requiring disposal from the University of Liverpool. This translates to diverting 97% of our IT hardware waste from landfills, a 79.6% difference compared to the 17.4% global average for e-waste collection and recycling, as reported in a 2020 UN study.

Have you got broken or spare work phones, staff laptops or other equipment to get rid of? Contact the appropriate person in your faculty or department for guidance on University-owned IT equipment disposal.

If you’re looking to dispose of your personal technology in a sustainable way, you can check out this website to find local recycling points that take tech, with Liverpool City Council.

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