Empowering our staff with sustainability training

Posted on: 29 February 2024 in Issue 7

At the University of Liverpool, we have a responsibility to minimise our environmental impact and contribute positively to our communities. One powerful way to achieve this is by implementing sustainability training for staff.

This Sustainability Week, we are empowering colleagues across the university with the knowledge and skills to embrace sustainability in their daily practices, so that we can create a more environmentally conscious and socially responsible workplace. 

Sustainability training opportunities 

In response to the university's ambitious climate plan launched in November 20232 a renewed focus on staff sustainability training was highlighted as a key action for 2023. Recognising the evolving nature of sustainability across campus, the Sustainability Team and the Academy have made some updates to the staff sustainability training. There are general training resources for all staff to use as well as more specific resources for staff that have roles that require more in-depth knowledge and skills.

Our staff sustainability training and development webpage provides an overview of the resources and opportunities we provide to increase staff sustainability knowledge and skills. Here you will find guidance on recommended training for roles that require specific sustainability specialism as well as carbon literacy training for further personal development, as well as relevant policies, strategies, reports and contact details ensure accessibility for all staff.

New initiatives

We have developed a number of new sustainability training initiatives, including the Sustainability and climate change training module, which provides an introduction to climate change and sustainability in the workplace. This interactive training takes a triple bottom line approach to sustainability principles, addressing climate risks and opportunities, transparency and enforcing behaviour change in the office. Access the training module via the Role Related Development Modules in canvas.

Staff looking to further develop their knowledge on specific sustainability principles and processes can visit our linkedin playlist, which offers a range of bitesize sessions for you to explore circular economy, compliance, sustainability leadership and more.

Staff can also join us at the next Staff Induction, hosted by the Academy on the 14th March 2024, which can be booked through canvas.

During Sustainability Week (26th February – 1st March 2024), the Sustainability team will be visiting various locations across campus to showcase our work and engage with staff and students, where they can test their carbon literacy with our How Bad are Banana’s game. Click here for the full schedule.

By implementing these short term actions the University of Liverpool aims to enhance staff engagement and align individual roles that broader sustainability objectives and contribute significantly to achieving its ambitious climate plan targets. These updates will ensure staff members are well equipped with to active actively participate in the university's journey towards a sustainable and environmental conscious future.

Find out more 

For more information, visit the staff sustainability training and development webpage, or for details about sustainability plans and progress at the university, please contact the Sustainability Department by emailing sustainability@liverpool.ac.uk