Strategic Change Department

The Strategic Change Department is responsible for managing and delivering transformational change initiatives which support the University’s strategic vision and emerging institutional priorities.

Our remit

  • Deliver a portfolio of strategically important programmes and projects
  • Establish a portfolio management function that fosters business excellence, and informs effective decision-making
  • Adopt and embed professional programme and project management practices
  • Work with people across the University to deliver change well.


The Department is organised around three core functions:

  • Portfolio Management Office (PMO), which supports the Senior Leadership Team in determining which initiatives best support the achievement of evolving strategic priorities. The Process Improvement Team is also based in the PMO, working across the Strategic Change Portfolio and with a range of stakeholders across the University
  • Project and Programme Management, the day-to-day delivery of projects and programmes within the Strategic Change Portfolio
  • Communications, Engagement and Community, with an emphasis on making change meaningful and understandable for people across the University.

Delivering best practice

As an affiliated member of the Association of Project Management (APM), the Department is committed to delivering high-quality professional services across each of our three core functions.

All staff have achieved relevant APM qualifications, with supplementary qualifications being completed by managers leading complex change programmes.

Our bespoke project management methodology, developed to reflect both APM and Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) principles plus the complex needs of the University, is applied consistently across our Strategic Change Portfolio.


Karen Banks
Director of Strategic Change

Ann Jordon
PA and Departmental Manager

Bea Porquet
Interim Head of the Portfolio Management Office

Rachel Parkes
Head of Project and Programme Management

Shonagh Wilkie
Communications and Engagement Manager

Contact us

If you are a University of Liverpool member of staff and would like to know more about the Department or a specific strategic change initiative, please visit our intranet site.

We also welcome enquiries from external contacts interested in finding out more about our approach to programme and project management. To get in touch, please email:

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