New Work

Before work involving ionising radiation is commenced a new worker or new laboratory must be registered with the Radiation Protection Office


New Worker

Ionising Radiation workers within the University :-

REGISTRATION : A member of staff (academic, research or technical) wishing to start work with radioactive material should complete an RP6 Online Registration Form .

On receipt of the RP6 online confirmation, the Radiation Protection Office will register the new worker and the completed Registration Form will be returned to the Departmental Radiation Supervisor to confirm registration via online alert system.

TRAINING : A Training Record must be commenced for the new worker. A blank Training Record is available in electronic form on the Documentation page. Training in Basic Radiation Protection is given during a Seminar by the Radiation Protection Advisor (usually twice per year). Training in Departmental Procedures should be given by the Departmental Radiation Supervisor or Deputy. Training in Laboratory Techniques should be given by the Academic Supervisor responsible for the laboratory

Staff/Students working with Ionising Radiation at CERN and Abroad :-

Please contact the Radiation Protection Office for further information about working at CERN and ABROAD, allowing plenty of time before you are due to start work (If possible at LEAST 3 WEEKS ). This will give the Radiation Prtection Office a chance to deal with any issues.

New Laboratory

Before work using radiation (ionising or non-ionising) is commenced in a laboratory the Radiation Protection Service must be notified. A Risk Assessment of the work must also be carried out. Pro-Forma Risk Assessment forms are available on the Documentation page
The Radiation Protection Advisor and/or Technician may visit the laboratory to assess the potential hazard and will advise on the procedures to be followed. A visit will always be made to a laboratory in which ionising radiations (radioisotopes or x-ray generators) are to be used