Photo of Prof Vin Dhanak

Prof Vin Dhanak PhD

Emeritus Professor Physics


    Personal Statement

    I am a Professor of Physics associated with the condensed matter physics group. This position followed after closure of the SRS Daresbury laboratory, where I designed and managed the university beam line 4. My expertise is in Surface Science, and synchrotron based techniques, specifically photoemission. I established the Nanomaterials Characterization Laboratory which has been located in the Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy, where my research interests include solar energy conversion and storage materials, electronic structure of functional materials and electronic band structure and band alignment of oxide materials on semiconductor surfaces. I teach condensed matter physics, along with practical physics to undergraduate students.

    Prizes or Honours

    • GIAN (2016)

    Funded Fellowships

    • ICTP research fellowship (ICTP and Sincrotrone Trieste, 1990)