Photo of Professor Uta Klein

Professor Uta Klein Dr. rer. nat. MSc (Dipl.-Phys., Berlin, Germany), MInstP, FHEA

Professor Physics


    Personal Statement

    I am involved in high energy particle physics since my PhD which I
    started in fall 1992 (maiden name Stoesslein). I was a member of three experiment collaborations
    at the electron-proton collider HERA at Hamburg (Germany): H1 (92-96), Hermes (96-2002) and ZEUS
    (since 2002) with strong involvement in inclusive, polarised and
    diffractive electron-proton scattering, and corresponding leading coordinating
    roles and participation in major international conferences. I was a member
    of the CERN-SPSC (2002-2004) and served as chief convener of the QCD
    program of the CERN strategy in 2004. Since 2007, I am member of ATLAS
    and work on precision measurements of Drell-Yan scattering and their
    QCD interpretation (ATLAS PDF fit forum co-convener) and searches for heavy new gauge bosons (Z' and W').
    I acted as a member of the ATLAS speakers committee, as a member of the Collaboration board chair advisory board and I am now member of the Advisory board for the ATLAS Speaker's Committee. Since 2017, I am a deputy team leader of the ATLAS Liverpool group. Since 2008, I am promoting the addition of an electron beam to the Large Hadron Collider making a world new twin collider complex. For this 'dubbed' LHeC
    project I have made leading investigations on the potential for Higgs physics in high energy ep scattering, and I am the co-ordinator of the Higgs physics program of a future FCC-he and LHeC since 2013. I am referee of
    Physics Letters B, Physical Review D and Physical Review Letters since
    2008, referee for IOP journals since 2017, referee of PhD theses and reviewer of Fellowship and research proposals.