Photo of Professor Peter Weightman

Professor Peter Weightman BA, PhD, F. Inst. P.

Professor Physics


    I teach a final year module "The Physics of Life".
    This module describes the physical conditions necessary for the evolution of life in a universe. It gives an introduction to the physical principles that underpin the organisation and activity of living things including aspects of evolution and ecology. It also gives an introduction to current thinking of how life evolved on earth and of the sensitivity of the biosphere to changes in the earth’s orbit and the composition of its atmosphere.
    It will introduce students to the physical principles needed to address important problems such as climate change, the loss of biodiversity, the understanding of ecological systems, the growth of resistance to antibiotics, the challenge of sustainable development and the study of disease. These problems offer excellent opportunities for rewarding careers.

    Modules for 2023-24

    Nanoscale Physics and Technology

    Module code: PHYS499

    Role: Teaching

    Physics of Life

    Module code: PHYS482

    Role: Module Co-ordinator