Photo of Professor Peter Weightman

Professor Peter Weightman BA, PhD, F. Inst. P.

Professor Physics


    Personal Statement

    Peter Weightman has a history of developing scientific instruments and this has made it possible for him change field a number of times. It can be argued that scientific advances are more often driven by the development of a new tool than by a new concept. Without instruments there would be very little science. He has been particularly fortunate in being able to collaborate with a large number of colleagues in a wide variety of fields of research. These collaborative activities have resulted in a number of awards:-

    2020 He is a co-recipient of the UK Institute of Physics Rosalind Franklin Medal and Prize through his membership of the Steering Committee of "The Physics of Life Network". The citation reads "For the contributions made to catalyzing the substantive growth of the Physics of Life community in the UK by stimulating new, adventurous partnerships between multiple researchers in UK biological physics".
    2011 The British Vacuum Council Senior Prize and John Yarwood Medal
    2006 The Mott Medal and Prize of the UK Institute of Physics "For work on the electronic structure of materials using a variety of laboratory and synchrotron. techniques and for the
    development of Auger spectroscopy and reflection anisotropy spectroscopy."
    2000 The Riviere Prize of the UK Surface Analysis Forum “For work that has been judged to be of outstanding quality and an important contribution to the application of electron
    1990 The Science Prize of the UK ESCA Group "For work summarised in "P. Weightman, Phys. Scr. T25 165 (1989)"

    Prizes or Honours

    • Elected to Group Coordinating Committee of IoP (Institute of Physics, 2010)
    • Mott Medal and Prize (Institute of Physics, 2006)
    • Election to the Council of the European Physical Society (Members of European Physical Society, 2006)