Photo of Prof Ken Durose

Prof Ken Durose BSc PhD FHEA FRMS

Professor Physics


Research Interest 1

Thin film solar cells and materials. Transparent conducting oxides and thin film semiconductors. Photovoltaic devices and processing. Advanced device characterisation using optical, electrical and structural methods.

Research Grants
  • Overcoming the grain size limit to Voc in sustainable photovoltaics
  • SUPERSOLAR Solar Energy Hub
  • Innovative Nanowire DEvicE Design: indeed
  • University of Liverpool - Equipment Account (CDT)
  • SUPERSOLAR Solar Energy Hub
  • SUPERGEN Extension - Improved Understanding, Development and Optimisation of Perovskite-based Solar Cells
  • NanoEmbrace - Embracing One Dimensional Semiconductor Nanostructures
  • SuperSolar Flexible Funding - Planar heterojunctions for perovskite-based PV: optical design, heterostructure screening and junction properties
  • Finding universal design laws for efficiency enhancing layers in thin film PV
Research Collaborations

Dr Jon Major

Project: Fabrication and evaluation of solar photovoltaic materials and devices

Thin film growth and characterisation including device fabrication and development

Prof Tim Veal

Project: Physics of solar energy materials

Detailed investigations of the physics of new and emerging materials for solar photovoltaics

Dr Richard Potter


Growth and chacterisation of advanced materials for electonic and energy applications

Dr Vin Dhanak


Suface science investigations of thin film PV materials

Prof Paul Chalker


Thin film deposition and characterisation for electronic materials and solar cells

Prof Paul Warren

External: Pilkington

Thin film solar cells and transparent conductors