Photo of Professor David Joss

Professor David Joss BSc (Hons), PhD, CPhys, FInstP, FHEA.

Professor Physics


    Selected Publications

    1. Spectroscopy at the two-proton drip line: excited states in 158W (Journal article - 2017)
    2. Reduced transition probabilities along the yrast line in <SUP>166</SUP>W (Journal article - 2017)
    3. De-excitation of the strongly coupled band in <SUP>177</SUP>Au and implications for core intruder configurations in the light Hg isotopes (Journal article - 2017)
    4. Excited states and reduced transition probabilities in 168Os (Journal article - 2016)
    5. Blurring the Boundaries: Decays of Multiparticle Isomers at the Proton Drip Line (Journal article - 2014)