Photo of Dr David Hutchcroft

Dr David Hutchcroft

Senior Lecturer Physics


    Personal Statement

    I am a research high energy physicist who has worked on QCD with the OPAL collaboration, SUSY searches with the ALEPH collaboration and B physics with ATLAS, BaBar and since 2000 LHCb. I have also helped build the LHCb VELO detector at Liverpool.

    I currently study the decays of the Bs and Lambda_b meson using LHCb data and develop the software to support the LHCb VELO detector.

    I run the Liverpool GridPP site, which is part of the international network of computers that are required to analysis the LHC data, for which I hold several grants from STFC supporting a large computer cluster and three staff.

    I have taught several courses in Physics to both Physics students and those from other departments. Currently I am teaching the third year Statistics for Physics Analysis course.

    Funded Fellowships

    • CERN Fellowship (CERN, 1999)