Photo of Prof Christopher Lucas

Prof Christopher Lucas

Professor Physics


    Research Group Membership
    Research Grants
    • Science journeys into materials and machines.
    • Operational phase of the UK-CRG at ESRF for x-ray magnetic and high resolution diffraction.
    • Nanostream – EMRP Researcher Grant.
    • Developing Electrochemical Structure-Function Relationships in Non-aqueous Electrolytes
    • Atomic-scale Structural Studies of the Electrochemical Interface
    • New Science on XMaS for 2002-7 (Second operational phase of the UK CRG beamline at ESRF).
    • Exploiting XMaS (Liverpool)Studies of Highly Correlated Electron Systems, Real Surface and Biomaterials
    • Nanoscale aspects of the surface electrochemistry of nickel.
    • In-situ X-ray scattering studies of electrocatalytic materials.
    • In-situ studies of the atomic scale structure at the solid-liquid interface.
    • Surface Structure and Electrochemistry of Model Electrocatalysts.
    • Combined Atomic Imaging and Diffraction Studies of the Electrooxidation of Supported Metal Monolayers

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