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Prof Christos Touramanis B.Sc., Ph.D., C.Phys., F.Inst.P.

Professor of Experimental Particle Physics Physics


    Personal Statement

    I am Head of Department of Physics in the University. At CERN I chair the LHC Resources Scrutiny Group and I am member of the LHC Upgrades Cost Group. I am non-core member of the STFC Science Board, and member of the Council of the University of the Aegean.

    I studied Physics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1982-86) and did my PhD at CERN (1987-92). I held a CERN Fellowship (1994-96) and a PPARC Advanced Research Fellowship (1997-2001). I was appointed Lecturer in the Department of Physics in 2002 and I was awarded a personal chair in 2008. In 2014 I became Professor of Experimental Particle Physics.

    I have contributed directly in the discovery of CP Violation in the B meson system (BABAR, 2002) which resulted in the 2008 Nobel Prize award to Kobayashi and Maskawa. In the same programme I developed a novel method for measuring the Unitarity Triangle angle alpha. I was convener of physics groups and member of the executive committee.

    My current research area is neutrino physics. I established the Liverpool neutrino group in 2004. Currently (2015) the group has five academics and a number of research and technical staff and PhD students. Our research portfolio comprises mostly neutrino oscillation experiments. We are members in international projects in Japan (T2K, data taking), Canada (SNO+, in construction) and the USA (DUNE, in planning; SBND, in construction).

    In T2K I was responsible for the Near Detector electromagnetic calorimeter (design, construction, commissioning, operations), analysis co-convener for the Near Detector group, and project manager of the £15M T2K-UK construction project.

    I am also active in Liquid Argon detector R&D and development of security applications mainly for the detection of special nuclear materials and reactor monitoring. I was the University of Liverpool PI in the European Design Studies KM3NeT and LAGUNA-LBNO. The neutrino group is mainly funded by STFC, the EU, EPSRC, the Royal Society.

    Personal Distinctions

    • Chair of the LHC Resources Scrutiny Group (CERN 2013)
    • Convenor and Session chair at the "New Opportunities in the Physics Landscape at CERN" meeting (CERN 2009)
    • Membership of the CERN SPS Committee (CERN 2009)
    • Review talk at the meeting "European Strategy for Future Neutrino Physics", CERN (Invitation to Speak, CERN 2009)
    • Talk at the 4th International Workshop on Nuclear and Particle Physics at J-PARC, Mito, Japan (Invitation to Speak, T2K Collaboration 2008)
    • Talk at International Conference HQL'06, Munich (Invitation to Speak, HQL'06, Munich, Germany 2006)
    • Talk at International Conference FPCP'06, Vancouver (Invitation to Speak, Invited talk at FPCP'06, Vancouver, Canada 2006)
    • Seminar at Cornell Physics Department, Ithaca, NY, USA (Invitation to Speak, Cornell University, Physics Department 2005)
    • Report to the PPAP on Flavour Physics (Invitation to Speak, Particle Physics Advisory Panel, PPARC 2005)
    • Seminar at Imperial College, London (Invitation to Speak, Physics Department, IC 2004)
    • Talk at IoP HEPP meeting on Future Initiatives (Invitation to Speak, IoP HEPP meeting on Future Initiatives, Birmingham 2003)
    • Talk at IoP meeting on B physics (Invitation to Speak, IoP half day meeting on B physics at Manchester 2003)
    • Talk at IoP Annual Congress (Keynote Speech, IoP HEPP committee 2002)
    • Talk at Euro-GDR SUSY meeting, Durham (Invitation to Speak, Euro-GDR SUSY annual meeting 2002)
    • BABAR-UK biennial status report to the PPRP (Invitation to Speak, BABAR-UK collaboration 2002)
    • Seminar at the IPPP, Durham (Invitation to Speak, Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology, University of Durham 2001)
    • Talk at International Conference EPS-HEP 2001, Budapest (Invitation to Speak, European Physical Society High Energy Physics biennial meeting 2001)
    • Talk at International Conference RADCOR 2000, Carmel, CA, USA (Invitation to Speak, Conference on Radiative Corrections 2000 2000)
    • PPARC Advanced Research Fellowship (Competitive Fellowship, Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council 1996)
    • Talk at International Conference on Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories, Moriond, France (Invitation to Speak, Moriond Conference on Electroweak Interactions and Unified Theories 1995)
    • Talk at the International Conference on Phenomenology of Particle Physics, Trieste, Italy (Invitation to Speak, 3rd Trieste Conference on recent developments on the phenomenology of particle physics 1994)
    • CERN Fellowship (Competitive Fellowship, European Organization for Nuclear Research 1993)
    • Talk at the International Conference on Elementary Particle Physics, Warsaw, Poland (Invitation to Speak, CPLEAR Collaboration 1991)

    Administrative Roles

    • Head of Department, Physics

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