Media appearances

Media Appearances

Our Philosophy researchers are regularly featured in the media, either showcasing their own research or providing expert opinions on current events.


30-Nov Professor Thomas Schramme
2-Sep Dr Vid Simoniti
18-Mar Dr Vid Simoniti
2021 New Generation Thinkers Announced
17-Mar Dr Vid Simoniti
Dr Vid Simoniti interviewed about New Generation Thinkers research
16-Mar Elizabeth Ventham
11-Mar Dr Vid Simoniti
Prof Vid Simoniti (Philosophy) on AI creating artworks
9-Mar Dr Rachael Wiseman
Word Image Power Events
4-Feb Dr Katherine Furman
4-Nov Professor Michael Hauskeller
Professor Michael Hauskeller joins for a discussion around life and death in the era of Covid
11-Aug Professor Barry Dainton
30-Mar Professor Michael Hauskeller
21-Jan Dr Daniel Hill
The problem with regulating marriage
8-Jan Dr Daniel Hill
2-Jan Robin McKenna