Fitness Assessments

Fitness health assessments are undertaken for specific work, training or courses of study. These can be undertaken before or during work, training or study.

The objectives of such assessments are:

• To ensure medical fitness to perform specific work, training or study courses.
• To identify adjustments which may be needed on medical grounds to help perform the job or train more effectively, and to protect health.
• To commence regular health surveillance for specific hazards.

Some assessments are undertaken by questionnaire initially. Staff or students involved in some activities are also invited for a clinic appointment with a nurse or doctor. Further enquiry from treating doctors are sometimes necessary. The standards for fitness are often set by statutory regulatory bodies, such as the General Medical Council, or by specific government regulations, such as the COSHH Regulations.

Examples of work which may require clinic attendance for assessment:

• Work with substances which can cause asthma
• Work in some very noisy workplaces
• Work with some vibrating hand held tools
• Work with some dangerous pathogens
• Manual Handling work
• Training in a branch of healthcare with vulnerable patients
• Training in Social Care Work or Teaching


The outcome of each assessment is notified to the relevant referring manager. Recommendations will usually be in one of the following formats:

• Fit for work or training
• Fit with specific adjustments
• Unfit for the designated work or training
• Further medical evidence is needed

Medical details will only be made available to managers in so far as it is necessary to enable them to discharge their management responsibilities.