Dr Michael Jones BA, Ph.D

Senior Lecturer Music


Personal Statement

I was appointed at Liverpool in 1999 as Programme Director for the then newly-created MBA in Music Industries. Before that I had been a songwriter, notably with the band Latin Quarter for whom I wrote the hit single Radio Africa. As a band that was far more successful outside the UK than within it, we released four albums for major record companies and six for independent companies. The point here is that, what ever level of success a band enjoys, it still experiences exactly the same processes that the most successful ones do. When it was over, I was left with exactly a sense of having been through a process. I identified this through research and this identification has remained the core of my teaching and research since then. Of course, much has changed as a result of the ongoing impact of digitization on music industry, but we are still left with music and musicians and music companies and music users and markets, and all these variable elements still tend to interact in ways that would have been recognisable as long ago as the 19th Century.

In recent years, and in response to the continued recruitment of students who are classically-trained, I have introduced the MA in the Business of Classical Music. This is a partnership with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. It is fascinating to understand what is shared between the worlds of pop and classical music, and what is not.

Other Personal Distinctions

  • Invitation to Speak (University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, 2008)
  • Invitation to Speak (Zhejiang University, China, 2008)
  • Invitation to Speak (University of Leeds, 2008)