Photo of Dr Mirela Domijan

Dr Mirela Domijan PhD

Lecturer Mathematical Sciences


    Personal Statement

    I am a lecturer in Applied Mathematics and a member of our Math Biology Group. My work focusses on using and developing mathematical techniques that can address a variety of biological applications. Currently, most of these are inspired by plant science applications (esp. circadian clocks and hormonal signalling), but I have also worked on chemical reaction networks and calcium dynamics. Before coming to Liverpool, I held postdoctoral positions in Cambridge and Warwick. I completed my doctoral studies at the Warwick Mathematics Institute, funded by the Commonwealth Scholarship.

    *News* I've been selected as an LMS Emmy Noether Fellow 2021. You can read more about it here

    *News*: Submissions have opened on a Frontiers in Plant Science (Q1/top 10% in Plant Sciences-Clarivate) special Research Topic: Multi-disciplinary Approaches to Plant Responses to Climate Change
    Please feel free to get in touch for more info!

    *News*: A useful guide if you want to learn MATLAB co-authored with Dr. Cerian Webb. Currently with 13K downloads!