Photo of Dr Mirela Domijan

Dr Mirela Domijan PhD

Lecturer Mathematical Sciences


    Personal Statement

    I am a lecturer in Applied Mathematics and a member of our Math Biology Group (I run our weekly Math Bio Seminars). My work focusses on using and developing mathematical techniques that can address a variety of biological applications. Currently, most of these are inspired by plant science applications (esp. circadian clocks and hormonal signalling), but I have also worked on chemical reaction networks and calcium dynamics. Before coming to Liverpool, I held postdoctoral positions in Cambridge and Warwick. I completed my doctoral studies at the Warwick Mathematics Institute, funded by the Commonwealth Scholarship.

    Administrative Roles

    • EPSRC Early Career Forum (ECF)
    • Faculty ECR Committee
    • Staff Student Liaison Committee PG
    • Postgraduate Research (PhD), coordinator AM
    • Impact group

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