Photo of Prof Alexander Movchan

Prof Alexander Movchan

Professor of Applied Mathematics Mathematical Sciences


    Research Group Membership
    Research Grants
    • EPSRC Institutional Sponsorship 2016
    • Development of New Mathematical Sciences Capabilities for Healthcare Technologies
    • Mathematical Models of Phononics and Photonics in Disordered Systems.
    • Mathematical models for acoustic band structure and Brillouin scattering in photonic crystal fibres.
    • Mathematical modelling of fracture in adhesive joints (MATHMOD).
    • Computational Problems in the Mathematical Sciences.
    • Wiener-Hopf type models for cracks in dynamic elastic lattices
    • Computational differential geometry applied to invisibility cloaks in electromagnetism and elastodynamics
    • Asymptotic and numerical modelling of faults and thermal striping in materials with a micro-structure
    • Uniform approximations for bodies with defects and asymptotics of Green's kernels for singularly perturbed domains
    • Mathematical fundamentals of Metamaterials for Multi-scale Physics and Mechanics
    • DYNA META 11 - Controlling elastic waves: structured media and metamaterials in the mechanics of solids and structures.
    • Flexural Waves in Inhomogeneous Periodic Structures and Localized Vibration Modes
    • Thermal vibrations and localisation phenomena for solids with singularly perturbed boundaries.
    • Analytical and Numerical Modelling of a Compact Catalytic Reformer.
    • Interactions of stress and chemical processes in rocks.
    • Discovering Mathematics and Mechanics :Computer Vision and Perturbation Models.
    • Support of collaborative research with Professor RC McPhedran.
    • Visit by Dr A Piccolroaz to give letures at Liverpol, Manchester, Keele.
    • Mathematical roadshow for Year 11 and Sixth Forms.
    • Son et lumiere in photo-sonic crystal fibres.

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