About us

The Applied Mathematics cluster consists of three research groups in Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Imaging and Waves and Continuum Mechanics.

Our research is highly interdisciplinary and often finds application in a wide variety of fields from medical and healthcare, to the energy and oil industry, civil engineering, and geophysics. We have strong collaborative links with industry, other academic institutions, and NHS Trusts.

The Mathematical Biology group carries out research applied to a wide range of biological problems, including population dynamics, epidemiology, evolution, systems biology and biological fluid dynamics. The Mathematical Imaging group is interested in developing novel mathematical imaging theories and techniques for tackling a large class of real life problems from the emerging field of Imaging Science. The Waves and Continuum Mechanics group carries out research in asymptotic analysis of partial differential equations, wave propagation and scattering in inhomogeneous media, ultrasonic non-destructive evaluation, homogenisation, dynamic fracture, cloaking, periodic and structured materials including phononics and platonics.

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