Photo of Professor Julia Brennecke

Professor Julia Brennecke

Chair in Innovation Management Strategy, IB and Entrepreneurship


Research Interests

I pursue several lines of research centring on collaborative networks for innovation: First, integrating a knowledge-based view with network theory, I investigate the antecedents and consequences of knowledge transfers within and between complex organisations, for instance within the biotech industry. Second, I examine multilevel networks between nested actors such as individuals, teams, and organizations and combine micro and macro theories. Finally, stemming from my doctoral dissertation, I also conduct research in corporate governance examining interactions between directors and top managers. My particular methodological strength lies in the application of statistical network models, namely exponential random graph models.

I have recorded a video teaser for one of my recent articles published in the Academy of Management Journal (you can access the paper here), which gives you an indication of one area of my research. You can watch the video here.

Research Group Membership