Photo of Ms Iona Thomson

Ms Iona Thomson MBA

Client Director Marketing (ULMS)


    Personal Statement

    Client Director in Executive Education in the School of Management & University Teacher.
    Commercial Director for the Help To Grow: Management, government supported programme for small and medium sized enterprises.

    Responsible for shaping and supporting the Executive Education Strategy for the School and income generation.
    I have 15+ years experience in Higher Education / UK Business Schools. Executive Education, People Development and Business Development.
    My focus is on post - experience (Post-Graduate) interventions and adult learning.
    B2B and D2C marketing and Middle East / GCC business development /consultative sales expertise as well as the UK Exec Ed Market.

    Qualified coach and mentor, trained in a range of psychometrics.

    Commercial career before HE was Sales & Marketing, Product Development & Management, Business Strategy, General Management & Execution
    Sectors /Organisations
    - Consumer Goods – ceramics, giftware, luxury goods, skincare
    - Chemicals – Retail paints (Crown)
    - Tourism – Visit Scotland
    - UK Manufacturing
    - Small Business : Worked in an AIM Listed SME for 5 years at Board level as Marketing Director. UK & Overseas Manufacturing , working with agents/distributors. Sold to UK/Europe/USA Retail/Department Stores, NPD & licenced products (Disney, Copyrights Ltd.)