Photo of Professor Liz Parsons

Professor Liz Parsons PhD

Chair in Marketing Marketing (ULMS)


    Current PhD Supervision

    Joseph Daniel
    Jack Davis
    Julia Marcet Alonso
    Oliver Buckley

    Completed PhD Supervision

    Maggie Matich, Rethinking Contemporary Feminist Activism: Zines, Social Media and Body Politics in the Fourth-Wave
    Anna Balonier, From Deathbed to Burial Plot: An Ethnographic Analysis of the Dead Body in Consumer Culture
    Klara Scheurenbrand, Politicising Practice Theory: Exploring the Potential of a Practice Ontology for Debates on Sustainable Consumption

    Modules for 2023-24


    Module code: MKIB355

    Role: Module Co-ordinator

    Researching Markets and Consumers

    Module code: ULMS889

    Role: Module Co-ordinator