Photo of Dr Benjamin Holmes

Dr Benjamin Holmes

Lecturer in Sports Analytics Marketing (ULMS)


Personal Statement

I completed my BSc in Mathematical Sciences at Queen Mary University of London. Following this, I graduated from the University of Liverpool with my MSc, MRes, and PhD from the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

I have a strong interest in using mathematical and statistical models to analyze various aspects of sports. This includes my focus on developing innovative forecasting techniques and investigating potential inefficiencies in sports gambling markets. I am particularly drawn to the dynamic nature of sports like football and mixed martial arts and apply Markov chain models to delve into their underlying mechanics.

Additionally, I'm dedicated to exploring biases within the sports realm. This includes studying whether judges in mixed martial arts are influenced by the crowd or an athlete's official ranking. These investigations are vital for the integrity of sports and the fairness of their outcomes.

Another facet of my work involves developing ratings for individual athletes across different abilities. These ratings serve as a foundation for various predictive models. For example, they can be used to forecast match outcomes or estimate transfer fees in football, demonstrating the versatility and practical applications of mathematical modelling in the sports industry.

Through consultancy projects, I've gained practical experience in this field, including predicting eSports matches, horse racing, and greyhound racing. My goal is to contribute to the field of sports analysis through data-driven insights and practical applications.

Prizes or Honours

  • Best Young Researcher Paper Award (European Sports Economics Association, 2019)