Dr Laura Goodfellow MBBS MRes MRCOG MD

NIHR Clinical Lecturer Women's & Children's Health


Personal Statement

I am an NIHR Clinical Lecturer at the Harris-Wellbeing Research Centre, Liverpool Women's Hospital, University of Liverpool.

My primary research interest is prediction, prevention, and optimisation of women and infants at risk or experiencing preterm birth. I am also interested in postnatal care of women who experience complicated pregnancies, both in order to optimise their long term health, and that of any future pregnancies. Finally, women and infants need healthy staff to care for them during their pregnancy journey and I have been involved in the INDIGO project looking at post traumatic stress symptoms in the obstetrics and gynaecology workforce. I am part of the RCOG Supporting Our Doctors committee and working with the RCOG to improve the current situation.

My MD (passed 2021) focused on the role of the vaginal microbiota in recurrent early preterm birth and found an increased bacterial load associated with adverse outcome. I am planning to develop four areas of interest over her lectureship: the role of infection and inflammation in preterm birth; interpretation and dissemination of UKOSS data about extremely preterm prelabour rupture of membranes; optimisation of postnatal care after complex pregnancies; and improving maternity staff experience to psychological trauma in the workplace