Dr Sizen Yiacoup BA, MA, PhD (King's College London)

Lecturer in Hispanic Studies Languages, Cultures and Film


    Personal Statement

    Dr Sizen Yiacoup is a specialist in the cultural history of medieval and early modern Spain. Her research interests converge on the theme of cross-cultural conflict and exchange between Muslims, Jews and Christians in pre-modern Iberia. She has published widely on this topic, focusing largely on the depiction of Muslims in the Castilian frontier ballads and highlighting the ways in which the 'romances fronterizos' recall the uniquely hybrid culture forged through years of contact and conflict between the Muslims of Al-Andalus and the Christians of Castile. Dr Yiacoup has also published on the representation of war and religious violence in the Judeo-Spanish ballad tradition and is currently researching the role of anti-semitism in Renaissance Humanism and how this is expressed in key Spanish literary works of the sixteenth century.