Dr Rick Humphries BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD

Research Facility Manager Evolution, Ecology & Behaviour


    Personal Statement

    My main role is Research Facility Manager for all the Mammalian Behaviour and Evolution group’s facilities on the Leahurst Campus. I manage two research buildings, each with a large number of custom-built, environmentally controlled rooms and laboratories. I am manager of our large outdoor enclosures which provide highly naturalistic environments for our work, and a neighbouring field laboratory, and also our office building.

    My responsibilities include providing an effective and efficient management service for all academic and professional services staff, as well as, research staff and students working in the facilities. I give training and experimental advice, and supervise personnel on a day-to-day, practical level. I am responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the facilities and all associated equipment are operating according to local experimental requirements, safety and other University regulations, and national legal requirements.