Photo of Professor Mark Viney

Professor Mark Viney PhD, BSc, ARCS

Head of Department Evolution, Ecology & Behaviour


    Personal Statement

    I am a Professor of Zoology and Head of Department of Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour.

    I study the basic biology of parasitic nematodes, with a particular interest in the biology of the parasitic nematode Strongyloides. With Strongyloides I am interested in its genomic adaptations to parasitism and its population genomics. I also work on the immune responses that wild animals make, having got to this because this the environment in which parasites live and evolve – and the nematode Strongyloides makes developmental decisions in its life cycle based on the host immune responses.

    I teach Evolutionary Biology and Parasite Biology and Immunology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. If you are interested in studying for a PhD with me in an area aligned to my research interests, then please get in touch.

    You can find out more about our work at

    Prizes or Honours

    • CA Wright Medal (British Society for Parasitology, 2013)

    Funded Fellowships

    • Fellow, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin , 2012)