Photo of Dr Jo Fothergill

Dr Jo Fothergill BSc (Hons), PhD

Senior Lecturer Clinical Infection, Microbiology & Immunology


Personal Statement

My research interests revolve around understanding how pathogens cause disease. My main interests involve the opportunistic pathogen, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and how it interacts with other species during infection. Deciphering these interactions could be key to both understanding the evolution of successful pathogens and the development of appropriate therapeutics. My research combines genomics, molecular microbiology and population studies combined with relevant infection models.

Prizes or Honours

  • SGM Presidents Fund (SGM, 2010)
  • Microbiology Communication Award (North West Microbiology Conference, 2008)
  • Young Investigator of the Year (European Cystic Fibrosis Society, 2008)
  • Undergraduate Prize (British Society for Immunology, 2004)

Funded Fellowships

  • Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship (Leverhulme Trust, 2012)