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Dr Peter Campbell expert profile

Dr Peter Campbell

Culture, Policy, Cities and Data

Peter's research to date has focused upon cultural policy, and on attempts to align culture and creativity with processes of socioeconomic urban regeneration.

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Dr Ekaterina Balabanova expert profile

Dr Ekaterina Balabanova

Senior Lecturer in Political Communication

Katia’s research interests lie at the intersection of international politics and international communication.

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Dr Rachel Ashman expert profile

Dr Rachel Ashman

A Cultural Explorer of the Digital Economy

Rachel's research focuses on the interface between digital modes of communication and consumers.

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Dr Firat Cengiz expert profile

Dr Firat Cengiz

Marie Curie Fellow: Law & Economics and Governance

Firat's primary research interests cover a wide range of issues in European governance, including EU economic governance and EU’s external policies.

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Dr Sandeep Parmar expert profile

Dr Sandeep Parmar

Poet, New Generation Thinker and Researcher in Modernist Literature

Sandeep is a poet and critic of contemporary British and American poetry as well as a researcher in Modernist Literature.

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‌Professor Peter Shirlow expert profile

Professor Peter Shirlow

Expert in Conflict Transformation and Social Justice Research

Peter’s research focuses on the themes of conflict transformation and social justice.

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Sally Sheard

Professor Sally Sheard

Health and Social Policy Historian

Sally's research is mainly concerned with the interface between experts and policymakers in 20th century health policy.

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Pippa Hunter-Jones

Dr Pippa Hunter-Jones

Health: Service, People and Service Systems

Pippa is currently working on multiple projects linked to the patient experience and service (re)design within primary and acute health contexts.

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Liz Turner

Dr Liz Turner

Lecturer in Sociology and Criminology in Singapore

Liz’s research is animated by an interest in democratic theory and how this connects to a range of social practices and institutions.

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Clair Taylor Head shot

Professor Claire Taylor

Professor of Latin American Culture and Chair of the Faculty Outcomes Group

Claire’s research topics include women's writing in Latin America, and Latin(o) American digital culture. 

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Daniel Whister Head shot

Dr Daniel Whistler

Philosopher of Religion and Humboldt Fellow

Dan researches on the history of philosophy, particularly 18th and 19th century French and German philosophies, as well as contemporary philosophy of religion.

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Sarah Perverley

Professor Sarah Peverley

Medievalist, Book Historian and Broadcaster

Sarah teaches and researches medieval literature and history.

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Michelle Farrell

Dr Michelle Farrell

Moral, political and critical theory on international law and human rights

Michelle's research interests are in moral, political and critical theory on human rights and in individual rights.

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John Gowlett

Professor John Gowlett

Discussing human evolution at the Vatican

Professor John Gowlett visited the Vatican as part of a three-day workshop organised by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on human evolution.

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Greg Lynall

Dr Greg Lynall

The relationship between literature, science and technology

Gregg's main area of research interest is the relationship between literature and science, particularly in the eighteenth century.

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Helen Stalford

Professor Helen Stalford

European children's rights

is a leading expert in European Children's Rights, actively engaged with European institutions and NGOs.

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