Meet the Expert

Professor Sarah Peverley: Medievalist, Book Historian and Broadcaster

Sarah teaches and researches medieval literature and history. She teaches Anglo-Saxon, Medieval and Renaissance Literature in the School of English and contributes to the MA in Medieval Studies run by History.

Over the years, Sarah has researched, published and broadcast on a wide range of subjects, including literature produced during the Wars of the Roses, medieval scribes and manuscript culture, the political consciousness of medieval authors, kingship, historical and genealogical writing in England, Anglo-Scottish relations, and origin myths. She is currently editing the two chronicles written by John Hardyng, working on the oeuvre of the late medieval scribe known as Ricardus Franciscus, and writing A Cultural History of the Mermaid.

Medieval picture  - Wonderful Steiff-like Bear and giant honey bees

Wonderful Steiff-like Bear and giant honey bees in @BLMedieval Harley 3448

In 2013 she was named as one of AHRC/BBC Radio 3′s New Generation Thinkers, which has allowed her to make exciting radio and television programmes such as a BBC Arts film on Scottish Independence and Henry V’s spy, John Hardyng. This scheme, which runs every year, gives Early Career Researchers the opportunity to develop their own programme for BBC Radio 3 and communicate their research findings to a broad audience outside academia.

The scheme run by the AHRC and BBC has been invaluable. It's helped me to share my research with people that I wouldn't have been able to reach through academic publishing and it's given me a wonderful insight into how the media works. I'm so grateful for the opportunities it's opened up.

Sarah also directs The Liverpool University Players, a group of student-actors dedicated to making medieval and early modern drama accessible to the public. Recent performances include Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales and the Tudor play The Interlude of Youth. Follow the players on Twitter (@LivUniPlayers) for updates on forthcoming performances.

Sarah is one of the organisers of the 7th International Medieval Chronicle Conference which took place in Liverpool in July 2014. For more info about Sarah’s work and activities visit her website and follow her on Twitter @Sarah_Peverley where you can discover more medieval pictures.

Medieval picture  - (Oversized) bees chasing man from their hive

(Oversized) bees chasing man from their hive. Bees thought to be tiny birds. Museum Meermanno, MMW, 10 B 25‌‌‌