Dr Michael Tadman PhD

Honorary Senior Fellow History


Personal Statement

I am interested in social and economic history and especially in racism and anti-racism. Outside of university work, one of my great interests is rugby league.

Personal Distinctions

  • 'White antebellum mindsets and the commodification of enslaved black people' (Invitation to Speak, Organization of American Historians 2007)
  • 'The reputation of the slave trader' (Invitation to Speak, British Association for American Studies 2007)
  • ESRC Senior Research Fellow (from Sept 2005 to Sept 2007) (ESRC 2005)
  • Chair and comment (Invitation to Speak, Southern Historical Association 2005)
  • Chair for session (Invitation to Speak, National Museums, Liverpool 2005)
  • 'Beyond the web of paternalism: owners, "key slaves," and the community of slaves' (Invitation to Speak, Society for Historians of the Early American Republic (US) and British American Nineteenth Century Historians (UK) 2003)
  • 'The significance of the domestic slave trade for understanding American slavery and the South' (Invitation to Speak, Organization of American Historians 2003)
  • 'The domestic slave trade' (Invitation to Speak, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture (New York) 2002)
  • Arthur Miller Prize (Prize, British Association for American Studies 2001)
  • Eugene Genovese and the idea of paternalism (Invitation to Speak, American Historical Association 1999)
  • The domestic slave trade (Invitation to Speak, Gilder Lehrman Institute, Yale University 1999)
  • Slaveholder reminiscences and the social memory of slavery (Invitation to Speak, University of South Carolina 1999)
  • Class, 'race,' and slavery (Invitation to Speak, Anglo-American Conference of Historians 1999)
  • Annual prize for best article (Prize, South Carolina Historical Society 1997)
  • Senior Research Fellowship (Competitive Fellowship, ESRC 1996)
  • Simon Research Fellowship (Competitive Fellowship, University of Manchester 1995)
  • Senior Fellowship (Competitive Fellowship, American Council of Learned Societies 1993)
  • Arthur Miller Prize (Prize, British Association for American Studies 1990)

Administrative Roles

  • I am on research leave and so do not currently have substantial administrative responsibilities.

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