Guild Liaison Committee

Committee description

Secretary: Julia Purvis, Email:

Terms of Reference

(a)       To act as a forum for discussion of the strategic relationship between the University and the Guild, as summarised in the Memorandum of Understanding between the University and Liverpool Guild of Students which became effective from 1st August 2014, and for all other matters of mutual interest.

(b)       To review the Memorandum of Understanding and all associated governance documentation at least every three years. 

(c)       To review and monitor, as required, all aspects of the Guild and Guild-related business strategy and financial performance, within the context of mutual planning, and to ensure that such matters are adequately incorporated in the University’s Planning and Performance Cycle. 

(d)       To receive reports on Guild membership activity to identify issues of concern to students, and to review community cohesion and tension among student communities to inform University activity.

(e)       To receive the Guild’s annual report and accounts within six months of the year end prior to their submission to the University Council.

(f)        To ensure that:

  • The Guild meets the requirements of the Charities Act 2006 in relation to the role of the Guild’s Board of Trustees.
  • The University supports the Trustees of the Guild in relation to their responsibilities and liabilities.
  • The University complies with the requirements of the Education Act 1994 in relation to students’ unions, including consideration of proposals for changes to the Guild’s Constitution.
  • The University and the Guild comply with the Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech as required under Section 43 of the Education Act (No. 2) 1986.

Reporting Relationships

The Guild Liaison Committee will make recommendations, as appropriate, to the Student Experience and Enhancement Group, Education Committee, Senior Executive Group and other relevant committees

Frequency of Meetings

The Guild Liaison Committee usually meets on two occasions during the academic year. In addition, either the Guild or the University may call an extraordinary meeting in the following circumstances:

(1)        Should the relationship between the Guild and the University be impacted in a way that cannot be resolved informally;

(2)        Should actions or proposed actions of either party have a material impact on the other.


The quorum for meetings of the Guild Liaison Committee shall be four members, of whom at least two must be from the Guild (and at least one of those must be a Guild Student Representative Officer).

Members or key people

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education (Chair)

Professor G Brown

The President of the Guild of Students

A Hussain

The Director of Student Experience and Enhancement

Dr P Redmond

The Director of Student Administration and Support or his/her nominee      

Dr P Harrison

A nominee from Legal and Governance

E Leonard

The three Student Representative Officers






The Guild Chief Executive                 

T O’Neill

The Guild Director of Membership Services

M Proctor

Senior Policy Advisor


Additional members of University or Guild staff may be invited to attend meetings as required.

Stephanie Driscoll