Education Committee

Committee description

Secretary: Kathryn Cross, Email:

Terms of Reference

a)            To be responsible to the Senate and the Council for the implementation of the academic student experience priorities of the University’s Strategic Plan and maintain oversight of the Education Strategy and monitor performance in this area.

b)            To have oversight of all academic aspects of the Student Experience in the University and to promote its ongoing enhancement.

c)            In collaboration with the University’s Research and Impact Committee, to oversee and monitor performance of strategies and plans to enhance the Student Experience of the University’s Postgraduate Research (PGR) students.

d)            To be responsible to the Senate and the Council for promoting high quality learning and teaching in the University.

e)            To work with the Guild to enhance the academic aspects of the Student Experience.

f)            To highlight and promote innovations and best practice from across the University in learning, teaching and assessment.

g)            To propose the development of new learning and teaching policies and initiatives, to liaise with other committees/bodies about such policies and initiatives and to monitor their implementation and effectiveness.

h)            To receive reports from the Faculties in relation to the implementation of the University’s Education Strategy.

i)             To oversee any funds made available to support and promote learning and teaching, including funds for teaching excellence awards.

j)             To oversee the University’s student representation systems.

k)            To oversee the University’s arrangements for promoting core internal and external surveys to its students and to co-ordinate its response to the outcomes of the surveys.

l)             To oversee the University’s performance on student outcomes, including but not limited to, non-progression and non-completion rates, degree outcomes and student employment outcomes; and to co-ordinate its response to such findings, as well as positioning the University in an optimum place for external assessments.

m)            To commission market research (including student evaluation surveys), to consider the outcomes of such research and to promote appropriate action in response.

n)            To consider relevant aspects of the University’s policies and practices for the promotion of diversity and equality of opportunity among the student population.

o)            To oversee the University’s Student Protection Plan, including undertaking regular reviews as appropriate.

p)            To advise the Finance and Resources Committee on resourcing issues related to the academic Student Experience.

q)            To engage in horizon scanning to anticipate and prepare for new opportunities and likely future developments in learning, teaching and assessment.

Reporting Relationships

The Education Committee reports to Senate and Council and to the Finance and Resources Committee in relation to planning and resource allocation matters.

The Guild Liaison Committee, the Student Success Boards, the Education for Sustainable Development Group, and the Faculty Education Committees report directly to the Education Committee.

Frequency of Meetings

The Education Committee usually meets on four occasions during the academic year. The Education Committee will look to overlap at two of its meetings with the Research and Impact Committee to consider PGR matters.


The quorum for meetings of the Education Committee shall be one third of the membership, including at least one lay member of the Council.

Members or key people

Ex officio members:

The Vice-Chancellor Professor Tim Jones
The President of the Council  Carmel Booth
The Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education (Chair) Professor Gavin Brown
The Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement and Partnerships Professor Tariq Ali
The Executive Pro-Vice-Chancellors    
   Health and Life Sciences   Professor Louise Kenny
   Humanities and Social Sciences  Professor Fiona Beveridge
   Science and Engineering  Professor Wiebe van der Hoek
The Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellors (Education)  
   Health and Life Sciences    Professor Francine Watkins (Deputy Chair)
   Humanities and Social Sciences Professor Lisa Anderson
   Science and Engineering

Professor Joe Sweeney

The Director of Student Experience and Enhancement  Dr Paul Redmond
The Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the Research Environment and Postgraduate Research Professor Georgina Endfield
Two Student Representative Officers (nominated by the Guild) Vasiliki Samuels
  Kathryn Manley
The Head of Academic Quality and Standards Division Trish Barker
The Chief Digital Officer or their nominee  Daniel Lawrence
The Director of Education, Quality & Enhancement Professor David Webster
The Director of Libraries, Museums and Galleries  Dr Matthew Greenhall
The Director of Facilities, Residential and Commercial Services  
The Director of Strategic Planning Phil Hopwood
The Director of the Leadership, Organisational, Staff and Academic Development Academy Dr James Howard
The Strategic Director of Liverpool Online Lynn Evans

Appointed members:

A Further Representative from each Faculty  
   Health and Life Sciences Professor Mike Speed
   Humanities and Social Sciences Professor Claire Mallanaphy
   Science and Engineering  Dr Matt Murphy
Three lay members of the Council, nominated by Council  Hans van Mourik Broekman (2022-25)  
  Cilla Ankrah-Lucas (2022-25)

Other members may be co-opted or invited to attend for specific meetings at the discretion of the Committee.

The Committee may establish time-limited groups as necessary to deal with pertinent issues.

Meeting dates

  • 19 October 2023, 11.00 am
  • 9 February 2024, 10.00 am
  • 4 March 2024, 10.00 am
  • 12 June 2024, 11.30am

A full schedule of Committee meeting dates can be viewed here.