Animal Welfare Ethical Review Body

Committee description

Secretary :

Terms of Reference

a) advise staff dealing with animals in the licensed establishment on matters related to the welfare of the animals, in relation to their acquisition, accommodation, care and use.

b) advise on the application of the 3Rs, and keep it informed of relevant technical and scientific developments.

c) establish and review management and operational processes for monitoring, reporting and follow-up in relation to the welfare of animals housed or used in the licensed

d) follow the development and outcome (retrospective review) of projects carried out in the establishment, taking into account the effect on the animals used; and to identify and advise on elements that could further contribute to the 3Rs.

e) advise on re-homing schemes, including the appropriate socialisation of the animals to be re-homed.

f) advise the establishment licence holder whether to support project proposals, primarily considering such proposals from a local perspective and bringing local knowledge and local expertise to bear.

g) assist with the retrospective assessment of relevant projects carried out at their establishment

h) respond to enquiries, and consider advice received, from the Animals in Science Committee

i) promote awareness of animal welfare and the 3Rs.

j) provide a forum for discussion and development of ethical advice to the establishment licence holder on all matters related to animal welfare, care and use at their establishment

k) support named persons, and other staff dealing with animals, on animal welfare, ethical issues and provision of appropriate training.

l) help to promote a ‘culture of care’ within the establishment and, as appropriate, in the wider community

m) ensure a record is kept of any advice given by the AWERB and any decisions taken as a result.

Members or key people



Deputy Chair

A Named Veterinary Surgeons (NVS)

2 Named Training and Competency Officers (NTCO)

A Named Person Responsible for Compliance (NPRC)

4 Named Animal Care and Welfare Officers (NACWO)

At least 7 Scientific Members

2 Lay Members appointed by Council

A Member of academic staff unconnected with animal work

Head of Home Office Facilities

In attendance

A Representative from Marketing & Communications

A Representative from Facilities, Residential and Commercial Services (FRCS)

A Representative from Veterinary Ethics Committee

Other members may be co-opted or invited to attend for specific meetings at the discretion of the Committee.


The quorum for meetings of AWERB shall be: 

  • The Chair or Deputy Chair
  • At least one Named Animal Care and Welfare Officers (NACWO)
  • The Named Veterinary Surgeon (NVS)
  • At least three Scientific Members
  • The Named Person Responsible for Compliance
  • At least one Lay Member appointed by Council


Reporting Relationships

AWERB reports to the Research and Integrity Governance Committee.