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The Alumni and Friends Fund

The Alumni and Friends Fund is at the heart of Liverpool’s community. It provides essential support to countless students, ensuring they receive the best possible Liverpool experience.

The Alumni and Friends Fund was established in September 2017 with a mission to enhance the student experience, improve facilities and build upon this impressive legacy of philanthropy throughout the University's existence.

The Fund has funded numerous projects over the years, bringing together staff, graduates and other members of the community who are passionate about making the University the best it can be.

Through the Alumni and Friends Fund, you can support any of our fundraising themes. You can also choose to give to the Areas of Greatest Need fund which enables us to direct your gift where it is needed most across our fundraising priorities. It is also used to support student clubs and societies, as well as academic departments through an annual application process. 

This year our focus is raising funds to support our student community through our Student Fund. The Fund covers a wide range of areas from providing emergency grants to students who are facing unexpected financial hardship, to creating new opportunities for students to make the most of their time in Liverpool both inside and outside the classroom.

Our dedicated team of student callers reach out to alumni through our annual Alumni and Friends telephone campaign to raise awareness of the Student Experience Fund, volunteering opportunities and to update you on recent developments at the University.

Regular Gifts

Please consider making a regular gift. When you make a regular gift, you will help us plan for the future by ring-fencing funds for bursaries and hardship grants for students. Your gift will ensure long-term support is available to our most vulnerable students when they need it the most.

Your regular gift will also inspire the next generation of bright and talented students who may see a university education as an impossible, unaffordable dream. A scholarship can make a young person's dream of accessing a university education a reality. Your support really makes a difference.

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