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Vet Hockey Team
The Liverpool Veterinary Hockey Club

Last academic year, the Alumni and Friends Fund grant was awarded to seven projects which met a variety of different needs, including building the first wildlife pond on campus by the University of Liverpool Biodiversity Action Group and kickstarting the development of the Experimental Archaeology Centre at the University’s Botanic Gardens at Ness. The impact of receiving the grant is still visible today, one year on, in the words of the students, staff and communities who have benefited from the generosity of alumni and friends.

EARTH at Ness Botanic Gardens 

Liverpool Veterinary Hockey Club

The Formby Footprints Photogrammetry Project

Biodiversity Pond at Ness Botanic Gardens

The University of Liverpool Biodiversity Action Group was awarded the Alumni and Friends Fund grant to create the first wildlife-friendly pond to be enjoyed by students and the community on campus. The pond was built on a previously barren and underutilised area of campus and will create a green oasis where flora and fauna can flourish. Although the building work was impacted by the pandemic for a large part of the year, progress is now resuming on the construction and the pond is starting to take shape. As well as increasing the number of green spaces around campus, students will also construct bug hotels, deadwood and rock piles to attract a wide variety of animals, plants and fungi and there are plants for indigenous wildflower species to be planted by students and staff in the coming months. 

 Unviersity staff standing in front of the pond construction

Coping with COVID podcast 

To listen to the podcast, search for “Coping with COVID” on podcast apps or visit 

Whose History?

The Institute of Irish Studies and the Department of English was awarded funding from the Alumni and Friends Fund to run the ‘Whose History?’ pageant to celebrate the history of the University of Liverpool. Whose History?, is made up of a series of four films created by production company Sidelong Glance, tells the stories of people who have lived, worked and studied on or nearby the University of Liverpool’s South Campus over the past 200 years.

“Support from the Alumni and Friends Fund has made the world of difference, without it 'Whose History' simply couldn't be made" Dr Eleanor Lybeck, Lecturer in Literature at the University of Liverpool

To find out more about the project click here.

 Liverpool Veterinary Rugby Union Football Club 

The Alumni and Friends Fund grant is made possible thanks to the generous support of alumni and friends across the world. On behalf of the entire University of Liverpool community, thank you. To find out how you can support our student community click here.