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Meet the callers

Current Liverpool students have been calling alumni as part of the annual Alumni and Friends Fund telephone campaign. We spoke to some our student caller team to find out why they chose to be part of the campaign and what it is like to speak to our alumni.

Isabella (3rd year, Law)

Student caller

"I became a student caller because I wanted to speak to previous students and hear about their time at university. It’s lovely to hear about their memories and to see how different it is now to how it was when they were students. Speaking to alumni who studied the same course as me is interesting as you can hear about how their degree has helped them and you often receive really good advice”

Kajal (5th year, Medicine)

student caller

"One of my favourite calls was with a current GP, a role I would like to go into in the future - he was lovely. He loved his time in Liverpool and was really passionate about his time here. He gave me really great advice for the future and was an inspiring person to speak to”


Charlotte (3rd year, Politics)

student caller

"It’s fun hearing the different routes of progression in which our alumni have taken. It’s interesting talking to people from all walks of life who all have a common connection – they were all once University of Liverpool students. They have all lived in the same city, however their memories are different and it’s nice to get a small insight to somebody else’s experience and listen to their stories”

About the campaign 

The Alumni and Friends Fund telephone campaign is not only a great way for us to stay in touch, but our current students also gain a lot from speaking to graduates. Thank you to everyone who has already taken a call. If you would like to recieve a call on a future telephone campaign or would like more information on the Alumni and Friends Fund please email:

As a scholarship recipient, it was important for me that I said thanks to those who helped me make my time at Liverpool possible and engage with those who can help to make it possible for others.

Tameka (MSc Human Resource Management)

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